About Us

QTEC Solutions is a global provider of innovative component obsolescence and counterfeit solutions for manufacturers of long life products with significant electronic component content. QTEC's flagship product, Q-Star, provides a fully integrated, critical information solution that enables manufacturers to predict, view and manage component life cycles by anticipating possible degradations and disruptions to their supply continuity. With Q-Star's algorithm based life cycle predictions, collaboration capability, and market leading data accuracy, you gain greater control and management insight for better planning, decision-making and execution across every aspect of the obsolescence process.

In addition to Q-Star, QTEC solutions also provides Q-SPAN, a web based, easy to use counterfeit early warning solution that provides clients the ability to quickly load parts lists for counterfeit monitoring and rapidly and automatically communicate and receive suspect part issues to the supply chain.

QTEC also provides Dimishing Manufacturing Sources and Material Shortages (DMSMS) training services at your location. Origianlly developed for the DOD DMSMS Knowledge Sharing Portal (DKSP), the DLA, and the Defense Acquisition University (DAU), QTEC offers five world class onsite training courses designed to create or improve your obsolescence management program and personnel. Courses range from introductory to technical to executive levels and are three to eight hours in length.

Through our Exclusive, European Partner, CMCA, the following additional services are available:

CMCA(UK) is a specialist Obsolescence Management and Procurement company, providing a range of services to the Military, Marine, Oil, Gas, Nuclear and Engineering industries. Founded in 1996,  CMCA(UK) is a British company accredited to ISO 9001:2008 and Rolls-Royce’s SABRe (Supplier Advanced Business Relationship) certification. CMCA(UK) works with numerous departments within the UK MoD and holds ongoing contracts with various governments around the world. CMCA(UK) has developed an impressive portfolio of “Blue-Chip” customers to include such companies as BAE Systems and Rolls-Royce . CMCA(UK)s services include:

  • Wide-ranging Obsolescence Management services which encompass proactive and reactive solutions, including thier specialized Assured Total Obsolescence Management (ATOM) package, designed to provide customers with bespoke strategic, planning and execution advice.

  • Long Term Nitrogen Storage of components and small assemblies within purpose-built facilities which provide a “time-locked” service for their customers.

  • A comprehensive Procurement Service department that specialises in difficult and hard to find items. CMCA(UK)’s ability to identify, source, procure, package and deliver to a world-wide customer base has seen them become established as a key supplier.

  • NATO Codification allocating, maintaining and updating NATO Stock Numbers. CMCA(UK) is one of only four agencies within the United Kingdom currently providing such a service.


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