Obsolescence & Counterfeit Solutions

Manufacturers of products with significant electronic component content struggle with the ability to continue production and product maintenance on a long term basis without interruptions in the supply chain or major cost impacts. Cost impacts occur as components enter later life cycle stages and component manufacturers increase part prices on average by 50% and as much as 300%. Without a proactive obsolescence management solution, companies are at the mercy of higher market prices and limited to no availability.

Q-Star: Obsolescence Management







Manually managing component life cycle and supplier information across thousands of components with spreadsheets, websites or personnel, is costly, time consuming, and nearly impossible with any level of accuracy. A solution requires an automated and cost-effective approach that enables proactive management of product life cycles and the ability to anticipate potential cost increases and degradations in the supply chain. Q-Star provides the information needed to analyze and develop proactive processes for managing the availability of electronic omponents and commercial off the shelf products (COTS). Q-Star answers the questions:

  • Which devices may be at risk of becoming unavailable
  • When that risk is likely to occur
  • What alternatives are available
  • What is the RoHS/REACH/Pb-free status
  • If a Die solution is available from a qualified aftermarket supplier.

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Q-SPAN: Suspect Part Alert Network

Q-SPAN is a web based, easy to use counterfeit early
warning solution integrated into Q-Star that provides clients the ability to quickly load parts lists for counterfeit monitoring and rapidly and automatically communicate suspect part issues to the supply chain. Q-SPAN includes component test results from a global base which includes distributors, test houses, the AntiCounterfeiting Forum, and GIDEP. Q-SPAN's flexibility is unmatched in the industry. It can be installed behind your firewall or securely accessed through the web hosted by QTEC. Communities of suppliers, locations, or projects can be setup and information flow controlled. Automatic email notification of alerts based on the users parts list from outside sources or from within the user's corporation greatly expands the ability to respond quickly to potential threats.

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ERP Integration

Several of QTEC's, Q-Star customers don't access Q-Star on a daily basis directly through the website with their engineers. Instead, they prefer to work in there own systems behind their own firewall. As a result, Q-Star can directly interface with your ERP/MRP or other back end systems. This can be done by a web service/XML call or by flat file transfer. QTEC can provide ready to install XML code thereby drastically increasing the implementation time (often less than 2 days including testing).

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