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Obsolescence Management Services

QTEC offers more than just software and data. We can provide world class DMSMS training courses at your location or, through our partner, CMCA, a wide range of Obsolescence Management Solutions.

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CMCA's Assured Total Obsolescence Management(ATOM) solution is a suite of obsolescence services deisgned to meet your specific needs. ATOM represents a holistic approach to obsolescence planning, monitoring, mitigation, and review that is designed to mimize the impact of obsolescence on system support costs and availability through the early identification and application of appropriate strategies, resources, tools and resolution options. ATOM is a completely flexible and tailorable solution consisting of the following elements:

  • Obsolescence Management Strategy Consulting
  • Obsolescence Management Planning
  • Obsolescence Management Health Checks and Impact Appraisals
  • Tracking of all equipment within your Bills of Materials for your project(s)
  • Advanced notification of impending obsolescence and mitigation options
  • Sourcing, Procurement, and storage of critical components and assemblies

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Onsite, Instructor Led DMSMS Training

Without well trained staff and a proactive obsolescence management process, companies are at the mercy of higher market prices and limited to no availability. Consequently, QTEC offers five world class onsite training courses designed to create or improve your obsolescence management program and personnel. Courses range from introductory to technical to executive levels and are three to eight hours in length. Multiple courses are often combined into multiday training sessions. Modified or custom course content can also be provided. QTEC is offering the DLA training courses originally developed for the DOD DMSMS Knowledge Sharing Portal (DKSP), the DLA, and the Defense Acquisition University (DAU), which have been used to train over 11,000 people since 2004. Training is provided by the original integrating author of the offered courses, a former DLA Technical Supervisor and contractor DMSMS Operations Manager for the DLA Land and Maritime DMSMS Office .

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